What recording services do you provide?


We can provide everything from the orchestra and the studio space through to a finished and edited master. When you ask for a quote, you will need to specify which of the following you will need:

  • Orchestral Musicians (please specify orchestration)
  • Recording Studio
  • Producer 
  • Sound Engineer 
  • Librarian
  • Translator (not always necessary - the orchestra is used working with English-speaking conductors but may be necessary if you are planning to use a local producer/engineer.)
  • Conductor
  • Professional arrangements for your work.
  • Post-production editing and mastering
  • Any other requirements not mentioned above

For commercial CD's, we can also arrange artwork and manufacturing and, in some instances, may be able to place CD's with a label. Please contact us for more information.

How much does the orchestra cost?

The cost of hiring the orchestra is far less expensive than that of professional orchestras in the UK, Western Europa and USA. Your contract with the orchestra will be a buyout and you will not have to pay any further royalties to the orchestra, even for film and television scores.

Please contact us and we will happily give you a no-obligation quote, either for your complete project or simply for the orchestra hire itself.

Recording with the Music Art Philharmonic Orchestra and musicians represents excellent financial and artistic value.

How far ahead do we need to book?

We are sometimes able to accommodate bookings at short notice. Please remember, however, that the orchestra has a busy concert season throughout the year and short-notice bookings may sometimes be difficult.

Can we use our own conductor?

This decision will be totally up to you.

If you need a conductor, we will be happy to recommend one of our English-speaking conductors who is familiar with the orchestra and with recording in Sofia.

Can you organize accommodation for us in Sofia?

Yes. We are able to arrange accommodations in a couple hotels at a special discount rate. To qualify for the preferential rate, your booking must be made via the orchestra. Music Art cannot organize a discount on any booking that you have made yourself.

How do I book the orchestra?

Contact us and let us know details of your project. We will let you have a no-obligation quote shortly after.

What are the booking terms?

50% of the total fee must be paid at least 30 days prior to the first day of recording. The balance is payable within 14 days of the last session. The tapes from the session will be delivered to you on payment of the balance.

Do we need to provide a contract?

No. We will provide a contract once you have indicated that you would like to make a booking. The booking will be confirmed once we have received a signed copy of the contract from you.

Can you provide orchestral parts?

Yes. You will need to provide all orchestral material in the right format so we can print it. If possible, we would prefer you to send us the orchestral material in advance of the sessions. If the sessions are being conducted by one of our own conductors, please make sure that the scores are made available to him well in advance. Thank you.

   Can I use an internet to listen live the recording process while siting at home?

   Now you don’t even have to leave your city. You can sit at home and monitor the recording sessions remotely with the great Pro Tools plug-in Source
   Connect   Live.   All you need is just a computer and internet. At the begging of the session we will give you a secure URL streaming address to listen in
    real time the recording process. You will be able easily to communicate through Skype or any other program with the conductor and the sound engineer.

Learn more about Source Connect Live on http://www.source-elements.com/Live/
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